Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Suburban scum.

Yes. We've done it. We had a baby and moved out to the burbs. We live in an idyllic 3 bedroom raised ranch on a quiet little dead end, off of another dead end. It's perfect and we LOVE it.
Like, love it love it.
Its incredible to have all this space to breathe, and play, and grow...!

We have a daughter named Vivian.
We call her BooBoo.
She will be 20 months tomorrow.
Amazing right..?!!

This girl. The love of my life.
I. Just. Can't. Even. ....!

We are finally starting the life we always wanted and we are so happy to share our journey with you..!

Let me back up a bit. I am not only a cool, punk rock stay at home mom...
I'm also an impeccable homemaker, an amazing cook, and I come up with some pretty phenomenal ideas now and then. This blog here, is where I will share them with you.

In addition to random thoughts, recipes, DIY projects, and memoirs of "life in the burbs"..., I'll also inevitably add in my sharp wit, comic commentary, and adorable photos of our cat.
I mean kid.

Well they're both pretty damn cute anyways, yeah?

Stormy came from our local rescue. His name was Eric. I knew the moment I saw his photo, he was a kitty for us.. And I was beyond right..! He's amazing, patient and playful with the baby, cuddly and a lapcat, smart and feisty... Everything I love about a tuxedo cat. He's just the best, and what a personality on this guy.

Well anyways I hope you'll joing along and enjoy our journey... We have a lot of fun around here, and I can't wait to show my many tips and tricks I've learned along the way...

Punk rock & pancakes...
- Jessy